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Haiku Contest Winners!

The votes are in! The top three Haiku poems about “Lake House Living” are listed below, with authors.

They were all so good…so…here are the rest, too! Thanks to everyone who crafted a poem.

Remember our Grace Hall walk through is tomorrow (Thursday 9/15) at 3:30 p.m. Meet on the 5th floor of Grace Hall to walk through the space with Mike Daly from the University Architect’s office.


Winners -in random order

Window to summer

Bells chime, time skimming the lake

Todd watches, waiting

-Mike Roe #2


tucked by the lake

old worn space reveals our warmth

we return to grace



drawer of candy

yes. infinite calories.

pass out under desk.



The rest in random order

Scent-sational move

Toilet flooded our office

Lungs full of mildew



Air conditioning

Most awesomest thing ever

Reese’s and Cheetos

-Mike Roe #1


TPing Todd’s office,

Junk food, ant poison, and bikes;

Dorm life has been great.



Cold stale rattling

of conditioned air, saved by

the abundance of snacks



“An Icy Summer”

With comforting hum,

Chilling warm afternoon drinks,

Ice cube trays, no more.


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More Photos

Here are more photos of the work on Grace 5th floor, taken Wed. Sep. 14th.

Don’t forget that you can stop by the 5th floor on Thursday, September 15, at 3:30p to walk around and look at the space.

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Clarification from Matt on move-in dates

All –

A quick clarification on the move dates for returning to Grace Hall:

The actual move will start on Saturday, October 15.  On that day Facilities and OIT will be picking up your equipment and boxes in the Lakehouse to move back to Grace.  This is different from our move out, when the move started on a Friday.


This means packing will need to be complete by end of day Friday, October 14, and OIT will come around that day to disconnect your equipment and prepare it for the move.

We’ll communicate more details as the Move Team works through the plan.


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Some photos of the buildout courtesy of Don

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Grace Hall Return – New Move Date (Oct. 15-17)

We have an unforeseen construction delay that will change our date for moving back to Grace.  The University Architect’s office has let me know that several construction items for our renovated Grace Hall space will not be ready by our current planned move in date (Sep. 23-26).

Our new move in date will be moved back a few weeks, to Oct. 15-17.  (That is an off-weekend for Notre Dame football.)

One of the issues involves a fire wall and door by the elevator lobby, and we can’t have staff in the space without the installation of those items.  Unfortunately these types of delays are not uncommon with construction projects.  Julie Boynton, from the Architect’s Office, has assured me that the new date will not move, barring extraordinary circumstances.

We’ll take our original move back plan and push it into October, with a slight shift — the movers will show up on Saturday, not Friday:

  • Final packing needs to be complete by end of day, Friday, Oct. 14.
  • Saturday, Oct. 15 would be the move day, when Facilities and OIT would be busy moving equipment and boxes.
  • The move would be complete over the weekend, and our staff will report to work at the new Grace space on Monday, Oct. 17.

This is the preliminary plan, and we still need to work out details with the Move Team and OIT.  We will communicate any changes, as necessary.

I apologize for this delay.  I know everyone is excited about the new space and eager to get settled.   (In an effort to keep our original move back date, I offered to personally man the elevator lobby with a fire extinguisher, 24-hours a day, until the fire wall comes in.  No go.  Something about “codes” and “laws”.)

On a better note, we have time scheduled next week for a group visit and walk-through on the 5th floor.  If your schedule allows, meet at the Grace Hall 5th floor on Thursday, September 15, at 3:30 p.m.  Mike Daly from the Architect’s office will be there to answer any questions.  If you can’t make that time, let me know and we’ll look at scheduling one or two additional walk-throughs.

And if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let me know.
Matt Simpson

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