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How good is good enough?

OK… So What Now? is a series of first person investigations into the moral and ethical challenges of leading an examined life. Each episode centers around one dilemma from our modern life, and features interviews with guests who have some … Continue reading

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A researcher’s interest in child generosity

My first research project was about the development of values―how (and whether) values are transmitted from one generation to the other. My dissertation advisor, Shalom Schwartz, suggested that we add to the study measures of adolescent behaviors, to exemplify the … Continue reading

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Attachment formation and the foundations of personal generosity

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How one research group got interested in generosity research

Our interest in generosity was sparked by our earlier research in Kolkata, India, where we found that micro-finance group meetings seemed to affect household outcomes through social as well as financial channels . This got us thinking about the various … Continue reading

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Generosity, Islam and Catholicism

I became interested in generosity while studying efforts of Muslim groups in some Western European countries to obtain permission for Islamic burials in public cemeteries, and to obtain permission to build full service community mosques. I wondered to what extent … Continue reading

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New Science of Generosity Blog

Welcome to the the Science of Generosity blogsite, where you can now learn more about the 14 research projects we’re supporting and conducting, and discuss them with other visitors. Soon the principal investigators on those projects will begin to contribute … Continue reading

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