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Freshman Issue 2014

Student Government: Meet your Pres and VP
Sports: Irish Prep for Road Ahead







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Presidential Days

Read a day in the life of a university president, as told by the three most recent presidents of Notre Dame. Father Hesburgh, Father Malloy, and Father Jenkins reflect on the challenges and significant events that have occurred in their times in office and offer their advice to students.

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Student Government Elections

Read the Scholastic‘s coverage of the student body election tickets as well as our endorsement.

Lauren Vidal and Matt Devine
Olivia LaMagna and Rohan Andresen
George McCabe and Sean Campbell

Scholastic‘s Endorsement

Edit: Congratulations to the winning ticket: Lauren Vidal and Matt Devine!



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Football Review 2013

A recap of all the games of the Fighting Irish 2013 football season, including a look at the success of Rees and McDaniel, an analysis of the effect of losing Bob Diaco from the coaching staff, Danny Spond’s story of his journey from injury to inspiration, and a look ahead to the 2014 season.


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Letter from the Editor - 2/27/14

by Julia Steiner

Exactly one year ago — at this very moment, in a place far away from the recliner into which I’m currently sinking — I trudged gingerly down a graveled hill, panting and faded from the day. Shaded under wild and mangy canopies of Spanish eucalyptus branches, I continued ahead, step by step, on my 122 km trek to the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

At this particular point in the journey, I found myself separated from the 25 Irish students (and one fellow Domer — Hey Kait!) in my travel group. I relished in knowing the distance that separated me from every landmark I had ever known. The dingy red couch I slept on for years in Louisville. The parking lot of the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store at the corner of Route 23 and Ironwood in South Bend. Green mile markers dotting the north-south highway route from my home to my other home.

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