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Prayers for Fr. Joe

Before leaving again for Haiti, I stopped by the Loyola Medical Center ICU room of Fr. Joe Walter, whom I had enjoyed dinner with on Tuesday last, but who had been taken ill with an aortic aneurysm on Thursday evening. Fr. Joe is really struggling, and knowing how he has savored his independance over the […]

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Funeral of Fr. Ronal

I concelebrated with 3 bishops and over 60 priests today the funeral of The Rev. Pere Ronal Flervil at St. Bernadette Church in Port-au-Prince. Pere Ronal was the pastor of St. Gabriel’s in Beausajour, the community located at the top of the highest point in the Leogane commune (the funeral was held at Ste. Bernadette […]

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Good News So Far about Tomas!

Well, as of this AM, the storm is looking to thread its way between Haiti and Cuba! So keep the prayers coming. It is no matter what going to dump a lot of water on western Haiti and now eastern Cuba as well. Then may it go out to sea!

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A Storm Named Tomas

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Well, as a Tomas myself, I’m praying tonight that my name does not become more famous. The scope of suffering from a direct hit by a major storm on an already and still reeling Haiti is UNIMAGINABLE. I am thinking of the tent encampments of “internally displaced persons,” (a.k.a. that’s ‘folks’) — […]

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