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Fear is a potent political motivator. Though the fear of others has long been used as a technology of power, the intersecting phobias of religious and secular others has a peculiar dynamic in late modernity. We seek proposals that balance an attention to historical specificity by disaggregating the unique ways that the dynamics of fear operate in particular cases while also theorizing these intersections generally, offering heuristic clarity to complex dynamics by looking comparatively across religious traditions, historical periods, or geographical cases. Read the full article »


In Upper Egypt, escalating patterns of violence along religiocultural fault-lines can be explained in terms of societal separation. Read the full article »

The Karima Primary School has installed anonymous boxes for reporting child abuse cases which are followed-up using an established  government reporting protocol. The boxes were installed as part of the first phase of the CRS Dialogue and Action Project which advocates for children rights among school peers, teachers, parents and the wider school neighborhood community.

Contending Modernities profiles Catholic Relief Service's gender and development-focused Dialogue and Action Project (DAP) in the coastal region of Kenya.

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A joint war victims commemoration ceremony, years in the making.

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Photo Courtesy of CRS A3B Project Team

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This piece responds to a symposium on Prophecy without Contempt: Religious Discourse in the Public Square. Read the full article »

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There is a chance that we scholars may spread insights into how the virtue of watching is cultivated, but there is little chance that we will succeed in persuading public figures to speak differently. Read the full article »