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Photo Courtesy of CRS A3B Project Team

In this series, Contending Modernities (CM) reflects on case studies of Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) inter-religious action programs in four conflict zones around the world. The first featured case study of CRS’s work in the Philippines brings to the fore various CM related conceptual queries, including gender, religion, and development. Read the full article »

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This piece responds to a symposium on Prophecy without Contempt: Religious Discourse in the Public Square. Read the full article »

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There is a chance that we scholars may spread insights into how the virtue of watching is cultivated, but there is little chance that we will succeed in persuading public figures to speak differently. Read the full article »

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Prophetic discourse not only aids moral and political health by attacking malignant growth through rhetorical indictment. It also consists in practical wisdom and the deployment of the different moral, rhetorical, socio-analytical, and activist elements. Read the full article »

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At their best, indictment and deliberation inform and support each other. Prophetic indictment can shake us from our conformity. Practical deliberation can help us provide reasons for our judgments. Read the full article »

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Can prophetic indictment balance lamentation with justice, irony with hope? Read the full article »

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Together, these essays celebrate the power of Kaveny’s work by taking on her challenge to attend to the actual contours of religious and secular discourse in the public square, all with a normative aim. Read the full article »