The Necessity for Drawing – Michael Graves, Driehaus Prize Laureate

March 23, 2012 in Books & Quotes, Drawing, Student Work by Whitley

As we graduating fifth-years are invited and supported by the School of Architecture to attend this weekend’s Driehaus Prize events in Chicago, I figured I’d post something in relation. A professor recently shared with my class Michael Graves’ essay The Necessity for Drawing: Tangible Speculation, and I’m encouraged by the most recent Driehaus Laureate’s support of drawing’s place in the architectural process.

“If we are ultimately discussing the quality of architecture that results from a mode of conceptualization, then certainly the level of richness is increased by the component of inquiry derived from the art of drawing itself.”

Graves discusses what he establishes as different types of architectural drawings and their nature and purpose in design. As a side note, I thought it particularly interesting his take on the advent of transparent paper and how that’s affected contemporary architecture. It’s a keen observation, and one that scares me a bit, taking into account the present Rise of the Computer in architecture schools…

The essay begins to touch on the importance of drawing from life, so thought I’d share a recent image from a figure drawing session here South Bend a few weeks ago, to maybe spark that post anon. If you’re an ND “arkie” and you’re interested; you’re welcome to come with me (or without me) next time!


A few images from a recent figure drawing class

PS, The drawing class is held every Sunday from 7-10 pm at the IUSB Fine Arts Building, $8.

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